Moose Industries Snow Plow on a Land Cruiser

After I we had a big winter snow in 2008 I started looking for a snow plow to put on one of the Land Crusiers. I looked on EBay and Craigslist. It was a good time to be selling a plow. It isn’t that often the Puget Sound area gets that much snow and everyone was looking for someone to dig them out. I found the lite weight plow on ebay from a fairly local seller, just south of Portland Oregon. I lucked out and it was his first time selling on EBay, and he didn’t set a reserve. Timing was right and I ended up winning the auction.


My son and I took a trip down to pick up the plow and spent several hours looking talking to the seller and looking at his gallery. He has since moved from industrial fabrication to metal art. He had an amazing collection of gongs, chimes and modern art sculptures.


The plow is well built and has many of the features present on the larger plows. It is designed to fit a 2″ reciever mounted on the front of the truck, not unlike the Multi-Mount winch mounts by Warn. There isn’t such a mount for the early Land Cruisers so I had to build my own. The other consideration is the 11.5″ mounting height required for the plow to function properly. I made a two part mount, one that is semi permanent and tucked up just below the bumper. The second part contains the drop to reach 11.5″. With it removed, frontal approach angle is minimally impacted.


We have yet to have snow this year but I am anctious to see how well it works. Unfortunately they are no longer in production, but are not too unlike the UTV snow plows Warn produces. With a little work, having a lite weight plow built for mid-sized to compact SUVs and trucks shouldn’t be too difficult.

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