’73 FJ40

This is what started the obsession. The Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 40. Back in college, I had a friend with a ’74 FJ 40. He brought it out to field school for a while and we spent some time in the mud. Up until that point in life, I thought I wanted an early Ford Bronco. While I still like the Bronco, I fell in love with the FJ 40. After nearly 15 years, I was able to look for my own. When I found the FJ 60, more room and 4 doors is what I needed. I couldn’t justify the FJ 40 as a “family” car. However, once my wife gave me tho go ahead, I started looking. After a long search, I found a 1973 FJ 40 that was completely stock (including functioning emission control equipment). A good start for a restoration.


More pictures here.