’72 FJ55

A year after our son was born, I found this FJ 55 on Ebay for $115. It had been sitting for 10 years with out being started. Two wheels were frozen due to brake problems. 3 of the 4 doors did not latch and much of the body is rusted. After having it home for a few weeks ( and pressure washing 10 years of moss and lichen) I put some gas in, cleaned the plugs and poured a bottle of Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinders. After letting the oil sit in it for a few days, I put a charged battery in, pored some fuel in the carb and wouldn’t you believe it, fired it up. It did run a little rough, but it ran.


Now it sits in the shop, stripped down to the frame and body. Engine and transmission is out, waiting an ’82 FJ60 2F, with 4 speed. I have a set of 70 series axles (the front heading to Luke at 4x4labs for cut and turn) ready to go under SOA style. Now, what to do with the floor that is nearly rusted through around the edges, the rusted quarter panels and the mismatched fenders and doors.


More pictures here.