Grey Rock Trail – Ahtanum State Forest

We recently visited our favorite outdoor destination in Yakima County, the Ahtanum State Forest.  This time the destination was the first of the Grey Rock Trail, starting at Treephones Campground.  The trail heads over Whites Ridge, down to the North Fork (8 miles) then onto Louei Way Gap for a total of 23 miles.  Our journey took us 4 hours and was just to the top of the ridge and back.  Along the way we found many flowering plants, great vistas and voracious mosquitoes.

This trail is a multi use trail, used by motorcycles, ATVs, horses, Mt Bikes and hikers.  We were the only ones on the trail but tracks from all the other users were visable.  Some recent trail work had been performed on the trail, probably by an ATV group.  The ruts have been removed or lessened in many areas as well as encroaching brush and trees removed.

We were one day early to see the 4th Annual Grey Rock Trail Run, a 50k cross country race the full length of the trail.  We spoke with a few participants who traveled from Idaho to participate in the 16 mile class (Treephones to North Fork trail head).

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