Rear Drawer

It has take me a while to finish this project, mainly because I wasn’t sure exactly were I wanted to go with it. After searching for available options (outback draws, truckvault, etc) I decided to DIY this project, sort of. I found a company called Joey Bed in Oregon that sells sliding bed and drawer systems, mainly for trucks and RVs. The also do custom applications as well. I decided to do a two level setup. Originally they were both connected, but I decided there would be times I didn’t need the top drawer and could use the space (especially when taking the dogs with us). I cut the stacked drawers apart and welded tabs to each half for later reattachment. I also put a top/floor between the two halves. I mounted the bottom drawer to the floor of the truck using 1/4 thick mounting tabs under the floor deck similar to the Milford Cargo barrier mounting tabs. The bigest problem here was the fuel tank is very close. If I were to do it again I think I would have removed the tank and placed larger mounting tabs. I don’t think I will be able to reach the draw max open rating of 500lbs before the truck floor fails.

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