Front bumper extension winch mount

Last winter I finished up a little project I have been thinking about/working on for a little while. I had tried to install a factory PTO winch a while ago but decided not to when the drive shaft would no clear my MAF headers. I liked the look of the factory PTO winch bumper (but a little smaller). I decided I would try and fit the 8000# winch I had sitting around and didn’t want to spend the money on an ARB or the like.

I ended up having some channel bent form 1/4 plate to fit inside the frame rails (bumper brackets where already removed due to the PTO bumper). I also had a front cross piece bent to fit over the extended rails. My winch was is already on a mounting plate and I didn’t think that part through.

I had to add some 1/4 plate to the channels for mounting tabs. If I did it again, I would have them bend the channel with 4-5″ on top and 2″ on bottom. Is till turned out pretty good.


completed bumper

More pictures are HERE

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