Wagongear tailgate storage lid

Tailgate lid installed

I just finished the quick and easy installation of the 60 series tailgate storage lid from, into my ’87 FJ60 More information can be found at the original forum thread on This cronicalls Kevin’s original design to final product as well as installations by many satisfied customers. It is amazing how much space is really hiding in there.

In the case of my installation it even straitened my concave tailgate. I have an air powered body saw (a little smaller blade than jig saw) that easily cut the center out. I had purchased it at Harbor Freight years ago. Had it all installed in about 40 minutes. I was amazed how badly bent my tailgate was in the center. It closes a lot better now and the upper gate closes a little tighter to the body. Kevin has attempted to make this lid fit all 60 series tailgates, but the hole spacing differs slightly between different years. I only had to enlarge the four corner holes (on the tailgate not the lid). It comes with stainless steel button head Allen screws, washers and locking nuts for a clean finish. I just have to replace a few bolts on the box I have in the back and shim it up 1/4″ or so to keep it from rubbing on the lid.

Space gained

Great work Kevin.

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