2F TBI – Links Page

These are the links to resources I used when I did my 2FTBI conversion on my 1987 FJ60. I will be posting an update to include things I changed on the TBI setup since I originally installed it.

How to pages

How To Build a GM EFI System – get a detailed ebook manual to insure success with your conversion. GM ECM tech info

Tom Quinn’s 2F FI Install


The Moates.Net Web Site


Painless Wiring installation manual

Turbo City sells Performance Directly to You

White Racing Marine

Affordable Fuel Injection

Centech Online Wiring and Automotive Accessories

Fuel Injection Wiring Harnesses

Howell Engine Developments, Inc. Home Page

Stealth Conversions Price List

MegaSquirt – Electronic Fuel Injection Computer by Bowling & Grippo

OBD-2 Vehicle Explorer Scan Tool Browser

Painless Wiring Installation Manual Home Page

Tuning Links – How to info

WinALDL – the Windows 160 Baud ALDL Reader!

TunerCat – bin editor


Common GM part numbers


Throttle Body Injection 60101 & 60201
Main Computer 1227747 or 16121154
Brake Switch 25524845
Neutral Safety Switch 15705308
Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor 16137039
Electronic Spark Control Module 16128261
Fuel Pump Relay(Style 1) 14078915 or 212-307
Fuel Pump Relay(Style 2) 14089936
Coolant Temperature Sensor 25036979
Knock Sensor 10456018
Oxygen Sensor AFS 21
Oil Pressure Switch 25036553 or D1818
Vehicle Speed Sensor PPP 60115
Distributor to Coil Wiring 12039177
Coil Power/Tach Pigtail 12101896
EGR Solenoid 1997111 or 214-331
Prom 16139566
Cal-pack 16060836