Remote Oil Filter

I have had this project on the back burner for a while. I just finished installing a lift in my shop (read more here) and was changing the oil on my FJ60. Standing under the truck gave me a little better view and a different perspective of the project. I am making a bracket to make a simple installation that does not require drilling, but wanted to get something working right now.

I started with a filter base and a filter adapter for my size filter. Both are available from many online vendors as well as Napa or CSK. You can also buy a complete kit that comes with both pieces and a section of hose. I am trying to build my own kit, so I purchased everything separately.

The first part was to find a good location for the filter past. I chose the frame rail just under the charcoal canister. This is an easy location while draining the oil and is protected from debris. I thought about trying to put it above the skid plate but couldn’t come up with enough room to make it easy. I used one of the 8mm holes already in the frame and drilled a second hole and tapped for 8×1.25. The filter base has 3 holes, but I figured just the 2 would be fine for now.

For the hose, I used some high pressure hydraulic line with swivel compression fittings on one end to make installation easy.  This hose is overkill and I will find a little more economical solution for the kit.

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