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It’s been a week since the Chehalis Flood

It has been a week since the flooding hit full force in three Western Washington Counties. The water has receded from all major areas. I-5 opened to all traffic last Friday allowing freight and passenger traffic along the West Coasts major north south route. Everything should be getting back to normal, but for many of the residence the shock is just setting in.

In Lewis county many business are cleaning up and digging out.  Much of the debris affecting people is contaminated with farm waste, garbage and chemicals.  There is a concern for E.coli and the county has taken additional shipments of tetanus shots and are handing out fresh bottled water to people who have been without clean water for a week.

Some retailers are operating out of large parking lot tents providing basic necessities like socks and underwear, personal hygiene items, diapers and baby formula.  Others are rushing to clean up, hoping to reopen by the weekend.  Most business that had more than just the floor covered have realised a complete loss.

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