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FJ 60 Rust Repair


I have been watching a few patches of rust grow on the Land Cruiser for several years. I was washing the truck a few weeks ago, it’s after winter wash. While washing the left rear quarter I noticed a big patch in the very corner blast off. It was a hole about 1″ by 3″ long. I was just finishing loading up the remains of an old FJ60 I parted/scrapped. For as much rust as it had, I was presently surprised to find the very corner I needed was intact.


I cut out the bad area and used it as a template to cut out the patch. Evidently I didn’t do to well measuring as I had to cut a little extra and double patch. After getting the patch about right, I tacked it in place, then went around, ever inch or so at a time to keep it from getting too hot, and filled in the missed spots. After that, I ground it down, filled with some “Liquid Metal” sanded and painted.

It took a while, but wasn’t too bad for a first try. Hopefully it will last for a while.

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