F800GSA Side Stand Plate

I had some scrap steel and time so I decided to try my hand at building a side stand support plate for my 2015 BMW F800 GS Adventure.  The ones I have seen for sale are pretty simple.  Usually just two or three pieces, one having a spot to center the plate on the side stand, either machined or welded in.  I wasn’t sure how big it should be but I didn’t want it to get in the way while riding.

I started with some graph paper to sketch out the small plate on the stock side stand and added a the size of the plate.  I was going to use 3 pieces.  One for the bottom, one to fit around the bottom of the side stand and the third to act as a top clamp, holding it all together.  The center piece had the opening cut to match the stand.  The top one was just cut big enough to fit around the side stand at clear the welds of the stock plate.   I didn’t want to have to take apart the side stand, so the top piece is notched.  Below are three pictures of the finished product installed.  I painted the top and bottom plates black, and the middle one red, to match the bike.  The hardware is #10 stainless  flat socket head screws and nyloc nuts.

It is a little heavy but hasn’t caused any problems yet.  I have some 1/8 aluminum and may try and make another one.


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