ARB Air Compressor Installation

In Preparation for my AirLocker installation in the coming weeks, I decided to get the compressor mounted. It took a little thinking to find the proper location for my application. I have dual batteries and a battery isolator. I did remove the AIR pump and associated valves and switches so this makes up some room. I also removed the carb cooling fan. This is were I decided to mount the compressor. The compressor is suppose to be mounted as high as possible and away from direct heat. Luckily I still had the duct for the fan so I used it as a template. I cut out a plate from 16ga and drilled holes for both the mounting points.

I then mounted the compressor to the plate using the supplied hardware (including the backing plate)?

The compressor and plate were then installed into the inner fender. It just clears the clutch master cylinder and the pressure switch and air chuck clear the wheel well. The filter for the compressor is mounted toward the firewall to insure clean dry air.

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