80 Series CDL switch and “Pin 7 mod”

Ever wish you could manually lock or unlock the Center Differential in the transfer-case of an 80 Series Land Cruiser? It’s easy, with the addition of the factory CDL switch, available from your dealer or from Slee Off-Road. For the US market, the Center Differential will only lock if the transfer-case is shifted into low range. This also means your Center Differential will ALWAYS be locked in low range. If your Land Cruiser is equipped with Factory Electric Lockers, they will only engage with the Center Differential locked.

Please note that with the CDL engaged, the ABS light will come on and ABS function will be turned off. This is by design.

If you want to engage the CDL in high range, it’s as simple as adding the switch. The wiring connector is already in the dash, behind the left switch blank, next to the hazard switch. If equipped with factory alarm, this blank may be in use, but the wiring is still back there. Pull the center instrument panel trim after removing the 4 screws, insert the switch into the dash and plug in the connector.

Now, if you want to be able to disengage the CDL while in low range, there are a few additional steps. This is what is called the “pin 7 mod”. It involves removing a wire from the CDL “transmission control relay” connector (located behind the silver ABS computer at the drivers side kick panel).

Disconnect the connector from the black relay box, locate the black with blue wire and carefully remove with a pick or terminal tool. Be sure to wrap this wire with electrical tape so it doesn’t ground out. Reinstall the connector and the ABS computer.

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